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Data Analysis

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During the entire project lifecycle, especially during the execution phase, data reflecting the evolving reality of the project are generated in abundance. Such data may be the actual task durations and costs, the actual execution sequence, the actual staff allocation and effort, risks that appeared and managed, etc. These data are primarily raw, contain errors, double records, contradictions, etc. As a result, data often remain unexploitable and are not materialized to information that may be used in the same or different current or future projects.

Fine Consulting recognized the value and usefulness of data and offers coherent support in their analysis and processing to create, at the same time, expertise and knowledge capital for the company or organization. Data analysis methods that Fine employs are, among others:
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Inference
  • Correlation and Regression
  • Trends and Variance Analysis
  • Time Series Verification
  • Quality Control, etc.

Before applying analysis techniques, Fine applies filtering and cleaning techniques to produce a robust data set. Additionally, following their analysis, data are put in context and transformed to useful information, which may enrich knowledge bases, be used as a company asset for future projects, etc. Finally, modern illustration techniques are employed to render the processed data understandable and of direct interpretation to support decision-making.
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