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Holistic PM Maturity

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Several corporations and organizations perform projects and continuously face challenges. But how is experience from project execution capitalized and how is this profited of in future projects? How does a company know if it applied the appropriate techniques and if it has the proper organization? How good are the techniques employed and to what extent do they cover the Project Management areas? How many of the correct practices are used across the board by all (internal or external) project managers? And finally, how mature has the company or organization become after executing so many projects?
These are just some of the issues that companies that live with and/or live by projects are troubled by. These issues justify the need for a company to assess how mature it is in applying Project Management and what it has to do to reach the next level.

The Holistic Approach to Project Management Maturity
Fine Consulting believes in the virtues of Project Management and this why it has developed its own Holistic Approach to Project Management Maturity, structured in four phases: (i) Assessment of the Project Management maturity, (ii) development of the improvement plan, (iii) implementation and support of the improvement plan, and (iv) re-assessment of the Project Management maturity.
Fine Consulting thus helps companies evaluate their maturity level, identify the right maturity level for them, develop a transition roadmap to the improved state, apply and adopt the enhanced practices, and maintain their momentum to reach new levels.
The four phases of the holistic approach are elaborated in the sequel.

Phase I: Assessment of the Project Management Maturity
During the first stage, the Project Management Consultants of Fine Consulting begin with the assessment of the current capability to deliver projects as well as the Project Management Maturity level of a company or organization. Determining the maturity level results from the use of a structured questionnaire that covers all project management areas, and the analysis of practices applied, systems employed, lessons learned maintained, etc. The questionnaire and the methodology have been derived using the experience and know-how of Fine Consulting. In addition to the current maturity level, the desired future level is also identified along with the target areas in which investments should be fused to progress. The appropriate future maturity level varies for any company or organization and is based on its goals, strategy, resource capabilities, needs, budget, etc.
Phase II: Development of Improvement Plan
Once the Project Management Maturity assessment is complete, an Improvement Plan is carried out containing recommendations for specific, costed and scheduled activities, as well as a Roadmap with realistic milestones corresponding to short-, mid-, and long-term results. The Project Management Consultants work closely with the company members to ensure that an agreed-upon improvement plan will result, which will also consider the management of the change that it bears, so as to overcome potential barriers and facilitate its assimilation.
Phase III: Implementation and Support of the Improvement Plan
The agreed-upon improvement plan is carried out by the company in partnership with Fine Consulting, which provides guidance and support to implement the recommendations and achieve the results. The cooperation between the company and Fine Consulting helps leverage the combined assets and expertise, and expedite maturity advancement.
Phase IV: Re-Assessment of the Project Management Maturity
Achieving the maturity is not a one-time effort. Once activities to advance to a subsequent maturity level are implemented, it is of outmost usefulness to assess the adoption of practices and to set new goals of evolution to an even more improved level or to focus on other areas. Fine Consulting conducts such abbreviated maturity assessments and codifies results and recommendations. This may be repeated from time to time, so as to correct potential dysfunctions, to enrich the practices and to encourage their usage. Fine Consulting firmly believes in and encourages the holistic approach in achieving Project Management Maturity and helps companies and organizations reach this target.
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