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As in the case of data, throughout the project lifecycle, primitive information may be collected, or information may be generated from data analysis, all concerning different project aspects. These information in turn may either generate new, more composite information or may evolve to knowledge. In all cases, organizations and companies performing projects, have immense needs for updates and information, to reliable support decision-making spanning from a simple task to corporate strategy and portfolio. The right information at the right time to the right people, may prevent failures, trigger risks responses, or support an eminent corrective decision.
Information Management contains the acquisition of information, its processing, evaluation, organization, formatting and representation, distribution and finally, either its archiving or deletion. Especially in the Project Management domain, it is of utmost importance that proper Information Management is supported by systems, processes and standards. Properly managing information leads to a significant competitive advantage for the company or organization.
Fine Consulting has invested in Information Management know-how, especially targeted to Project Management. The development, customization of Project Management Information Systems with the form of servers, the creation of information management and report generation algorithms, the implementation of real-time collaboration solutions for issues and risk, the production of content-rich management reports with project health indices, the dashboards, the interactive data collection forms, etc., are just some of the solutions offered by Fine Consulting.
Finally, Fine Consulting maintains the complete know-how and operation methodology of the Data-Information-Knowledge chain and is in position to support companies in their knowledge-based evolution and development of competitive advantage.
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