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Project Management is a domain where knowledge is being continuously developed, evolving, improved kai dispersed. Knowledge is the result of information profiting and of the cumulative experience stemming at each phase of the management of a project, combined with appropriate training. Knowledge in a project may concern methods and practices, tools and standards, perceptions and beliefs. Indicatively, knowledge may result in the project selection methods, the organization of a project team, the estimation techniques, the management of risks, the team-building spirit, the information character, the completion processes, etc.
Organizations and companies often delay significantly in perceiving the importance and value of organized Knowledge Management, and as a result, knowledge remains tacit, subjective or lost if a person leaves the company. Additionally, planning a Knowledge Management project that will at the end generate knowledge or intellectual capital for an organization, requires know-how and methodology as well as resource commitment that companies may not avail.
Fine Consulting owns the methodology to substantiate information to knowledge through its systemization and formalization, integration to the training material and combination with best practices of Project Management. Additionally, the expertise of Fine Consulting in Project Management Information Systems and in collaboration systems, permits the arrangement, retrieval and exploitation of knowledge in a direct, friendly and effective manner. Finally, Fine Consulting is at the side of companies to support the operation of Knowledge Management Systems, this contributing to the evolutionary efforts of enrichment and absorption.
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