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Our customized PM approach

About us
Companies and organizations carry different levels of Project Management knowledge and expertise, thus rendering "universal" solutions that fit to all cases an illusion. The differences between project types, staff and managment skills and capabilities, as well as the organizational culture, are just some of the factors that point towards a customized solution for every organization.
The implementation of proper structured planning, monitoring, control, information, knowledge generation, etc., often deviate from the common "Business-as-Usual" approach that companies practice, often resulting to an expected resistance-to-change, which can definitely be proactively remiedied. The succesful transition from experiential practices to structured techniques for a project team or PMO, necessitates the support of expert Project Management Consultants, which becomes even more critical for greatly complex, considerably heavy financially, and highly visible strategic projects of a company.
The Project Management Consultants of Fine have the training, education and expertise to recognize the distinct needs and particularities, and to shape customized Project Management solutions to tackle them.
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