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PM Methodology Implementation

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Several companies and organizations perform projects either using their own resources or outsourcing the execution to third parties. Nevertheless, the assurance of success in project execution necessitates the existence of a reliable Project Management Methodology, that will encompass the project from inception to completion. Such a methodology must possess all the appropriate and functional tools, techniques, forms, processes,etc., to support initiation, planning and scheduling, execution, monitoring and control, and finally, the acceptance and completion of the project. Moreover, this Project Management Methodology must be easy-to-underdtand friendly, acceptable and realistic.
Companies and organizations rarely possess a Project Management Methodology with the above characteristics. Among others, development from scratch of a complete and coherent methodology, requires time, money, focus, engagement, maintenance, etc., as well as an information ecosystem of processes, tools, information and documentation, which often discourage the undertaking of this challenge.

Methodology Development
Fine Consulting has the know-how and experience of development of not only the methodology but of the processes as well, adapted to the needs and particularities of each company, taking into account the broadness of the projects portfolio, the complexity and durations of projects and programs, as well as the current operational model of the company. The methodology to be developed must have the proper level of analysis of the processes and to have assured the existence and fucntionality of appropriate tools and artifacts (templates, forms, etc.), so that it becomes suitable for use by the project teams.
Fine Consulting evaluates the current status of processes and usage within the company or organization. The Prohect Management Consultants are equipped with a toolbox of processes, forms and templates, and select from them the ones that are most appropriate to use either to subsidize existing or to generate new ones. This results to significant acceleration of the implementation of the right processes that guarantee proper project control and their completion within objectives.

Methodology Deployment
The methodology deployment is not a one-time effort. Once processes and artifacts have been developed, these must be developed and put to operation. There exist different methods that can be employed in a company to prepare the deployment of the new processes and standards, such as classroom training, workshops, etc. A highly recommended method is to employ Coaches to work alongside with Project and Program Managers, either in groups or one-to-one, so as to ensure that the methodology is ready to or is already being used properly. This may be repeated from time to time, so as to correct potential dysfunctions, to enrich the methodology and to encourage its usage. Fine Consulting may further provide orientation to select / hire staff that will assist the organization smoothly own the Project Management Methodology.
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