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Project Server Development

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Companies and organizations with a significant portfolio of projects or programs that implement or supervise, have increased needs to organize and overview the course of their projects and of their portfolio in total. The intense pace of data and information generation along with the interaction among projects cannot be benefited of, if projects are not gathered under the same roof. Additionally, the implementation of projects by different project managers and associates, incorporates the risk of arbitrariness in the interpretation of progress, the modeling and analysis of tasks, the evaluation of the project course, etc.
The above points and even more, constitute sufficient reasons for companies to turn to the development of a centralized environment (with a client-server structure) to organize their projects. A project server hosts and organizes projects into programs and portfolios in a uniform way and safeguards the use of the same elements by all project teams’ members, eliminating errors and assuring the any change in an element (e.g., the cost of a material) is immediately applicable to all projects, synchronized, in real-time. The benefits from the use of a project server are multiple, the primary of which are:
  • Creation of project organization structures
  • Development of a population of customized corporate calendars for tasks and resources
  • Development of corporate and external resources database, along with categorization
  • Adaptation of calendars, resource sheets, etc., to each company preferences
  • Grouping of issues in shared space and automated communication to accountable shareholders
  • Risk tracking in real-time
  • Monitoring of interactions between projects and resolution of competing issues such as, resource overallocation, prioritization, etc.
  • Progress reports generation and comparison between reality and baseline
  • Aggregate monitoring at the project, program and portfolio levels
  • Dashboard generation including health indices for task to portfolio levels
  • Development of fully customized, collaborative and interactive sheets to collect or disseminate information

Fine Consulting for almost a decade is developing, parameterizing, customizing and supporting the use of Project Servers for companies with increased Project Management needs. Through a grid of techniques and knowledge, Fine Consulting has created a plethora or tools and methodologies that optimize the use of the server, facilitate administrative overview, decision making and Project Management. Additionally, the historical data are collected and maintained as a knowledge base for future projects as well as lessons learned to apply. Finally, just because deeply believes that such an investment is decisive for a company, it supports the development with continuous users training and mentoring.
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