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Risk Management

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Every project, from inception to completion, faces uncertain events which, if the occur, may have a positive or negative impact on one or more pf the project objectives. The events of negative impact are considered threats or risks. Risk response is considerably more efficient when performed proactively and predictively, while in the contrary, the reactive or a posteriori response when risk events occurs incurs normally a much higher cost and in many cases, does not remedy impacts.
Developing a Risk Management Methodology, which will result to developing a proactive risk response culture, occurs after a coordinated study and implementation of techniques, means and processes that consolidate experience and cultivate knowledge among project teams staff.
Fine Consulting possesses both the knowledge and the experience to develop a risk management methodology, along with the techniques of risk assessment and formulation of a crisp, applied risk response plan. Some of the employed techniques, are (indicatively):
  • Nominal Group Technique
  • Decision Tree Analysis
  • Monte-Carlo Simulation
  • Pareto and Fishbone (Ishikawa) diagrams
  • Flow charts, etc.
During the development of a Risk Management Methodology, the Project Management Consultants of Fine Consulting, collaborate with the personnel (mainly project managers) of the company or organization and develop Risk Breakdown Structure, Probability and Impact Matrices, as well as other methodology outcomes. Additionally, Fine Consulting takes care of the personnel training in tools usage, as well as the continuous support of the company in managing the risks in its projects.
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