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Companies and organizations that implement projects, eventually realize the need for total support in organizing, planning, monitoring, control, decision-making, communication and evaluation of their projects. The need for increased efficiency of the expenses in conjunction to the possible complexity, risk, or the existence of multiple stakeholders with different requirements and expectations, essentially imposes the adoption of practices and techniques characterized by professionalism and efficacy.
Starting from requirements analysis, the project charter development, the organization and mapping of the scope and passing through the schedule and cost planning as well as risk management to initiate project execution, several things need to be properly performed and finely setup. The same expectations exist and are even multiplied in project execution where exact monitoring, targeted control, production and dispersion of rich information that support robust decision making, is part of daily life.
Needless to say, the importance of project evaluation cannot be overlooked, either in the execution or the completion, to reveal whether it met its targets, it provided added value to the organization, or was co-aligned to the business strategy. Additionally, it is of special importance to organize the knowledge, the findings and the lessons learned, the good and bad practices, and generally, the total intellectual capital that was generated and which contributes to the company evolution.

Fine Consulting has both the knowledge and experience to provide Total Project Management Support to company projects for each of the following aspects and for all together:
  • Collection, analysis and filtering of requirements
  • Check of strategic co-alignment and value to the portfolio
  • Project Charter development and targets specification
  • Analysis, depiction, clarification and optimization of project scope
  • Development and verification of time and cost estimates
  • Resource assignment and costing
  • Risk evaluation and quantification
  • Schedule and budget development and optimization
  • Development of communications plan and implementation of paper and electronic forms
  • Development of management information forms
  • Development and application of metrics and performance indices
  • Monitoring and update of project plans
  • Issues and risks monitoring and response evaluation
  • Recording and quantification of additional scope
  • Evaluation of entire project implementation
  • Writing of completion studies

For all of the above, Fine Consulting uses the appropriate tools that has developed and collected in its toolbox.
Furthermore, Fine Consulting undertakes the full Project Server deployment for the company or organization, its customization and parameterization, as well users training, to enable project portfolio overview in real-time.

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